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Data Engineering - Simplified

A cloud-native data engineering platform for seamless streaming, batch and on-demand data processing that offers comprehensive features for data ingestion, enrichment, machine learning, action triggers and analytics.

Engineered for Enterprises

Optimize data operations with a feature-rich and comprehensive platform crafted for all enterprise’s needs and supporting NFRs. 

Multi Cluster

Support enterprises to scale data pipelines beyond the cluster limits and ensure geo-redundancy and high availability.

Cloud agnostic​

Designed to run on clouds like AWS, Azure and GCP along with support for on-premise deployment.

SSO & Securities​

Built-in security capabilities that meet industry standards, ensuring that data is protected to the highest degree.

Data into action​

Manage data at scale by leveraging Apache Spark's distributed processing capabilities.

Data Governance ​

Take complete control over the data pipeline. Easily manage and govern data with automated tracking and customizable rules.


Optimize system capacity to save costs and increase efficiency. Identify bottlenecks with advanced recommendations.


Enhance the competitive edge with universal ingester at the core. 

Position enterprises at the forefront of the competitive landscape. Transform complex data challenges into strategic opportunities with the ability to ingest data of any type, from any source and perform complex data operations efficiently across industries and use cases. 

Move and mold data from any source to any destination by integrating diverse range of data sources and ensure that data is where it needs to be and how it needs to be.

With Change data capture, data replication is not just consistent but also instantaneous, capturing and updating changes in real-time.

Design complex data manipulation flows, chain multiple pipelines, and craft solutions that resonate with intricate business processes.

Elevate the data transformation experience by ensuring large scale data transformation process is not just fast but also efficient.


Elevate the Spark experience through streamlined operations and seamless orchestration.​​

With SparkOps, don’t just use Apache Spark, optimize it. Transform the way of handling and operating large-scale data processes. Empower teams, enrich data operations, and ensure efficiency in every step-of-the way in orchestrating jobs on spark.​

Design and roll out intricate Spark pipelines rapidly with a user centric UI that eliminates the complexities of cumbersome spark pipeline creation.

Tailored for the cloud era, SparkOps’ integration with Kubernetes facilitates in orchestrating data operations with optimum scalability and efficiency.

Accelerate your development cycle without compromising on execution quality. SparkOps ensures that your Spark pipelines are fast in design and smooth in execution.

With advanced KPI tracking, understand every nuance of your Apache Spark operations. Monitor performance, troubleshoot with precision, and ensure your data processes run flawlessly at all times.

Improve data pipeline efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Intellisense, an integrated recommendation engine that analyzes pipeline executions to suggest optimizations for performance and resource allocation.


Discover the potential of data through advanced algorithms and achieve remarkable outcomes.​​

With advanced algorithms, detect anomalies in operations, unveil the root cause behind them and orchestrate automation at scale. Drive transformative solutions with a versatile environment for ML model development, training and deployment all within a single platform.​

Detect anomalies as they appear while performing large scale data processing. DataFink uses industry-leading algorithms to pinpoint the discrepancies and ensure data integrity.

Delve deep into business challenges and identify core issues with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, allowing users to design comprehensive RCA flows.

Automate operations at scale. Script and automate tasks across number of devices. From simple processes to intricate operations, scale effortlessly and consistently with our robust platform.

Democratize data accessibility by designing APIs on any data source, using personalized filters to meet specific requirements. Share data between teams efficiently and securely.

Design innovative models, conduct extensive training and deploy models effortlessly with an all-encompassing Machine learning suite.


Transform data into strategy with actionable insights​​

Leverage capabilities to design APIs on any data source and get equipped with tools to transform complex data into clear, actionable information. Spot trends and opportunities by creating custom dashboards and dynamic reports with an array of available visualization tools.​

Create tailor-made dashboards and reports that cater to your unique business needs. Harness both SQL and NoSQL data sources and translate raw data into compelling narratives.

Choose from a vast array of chart designs, from the classics to cutting-edge map charts. Visualize patterns, trends, and outliers in ways that resonate with your audience and use cases.

Monitor KPIs, track performance metrics, and receive instant updates, ensuring you're always a step ahead in making data-driven decisions.

Perform Business Intelligence activities and make data-driven decisions with confidence, regardless of your data's structure or source. Analyze and visualize data from both SQL & No-SQL databases.

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