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Connect & transform data sources with seamless no-code data ingestion

Connect to any data source, design data pipelines and transform complex data without hassle with DataByte’s no-code intuitive data integration platform. 

Connect any source

Whether it's databases, cloud services, APIs, or flat files, make data ingestion an easy process. 

Real-time processing 

Choose between real-time streaming, on demand or batch processing to suit the data needs. 

Extensive Library

Access a vast library of 300+ pre-built no-code connectors for popular data sources. 

Pipelines creation in minutes 

Create and manage pipelines quickly and easily with user friendly & configuration driven interface. 

Connectors for all your data sources

Leverage a comprehensive collection of widely-used no-code connectors and pre-designed templates for data repositories to swiftly automate and optimize the data integration processes. We seamlessly connect to leading file sources like FTP, SFTP, FTPS, S3, HDFS, and accept a wide array of file formats, such as Excel, CSV, Delimited text, AVRO, Parquet, JSON, XML, ORC, and many others.

Smooth data flow, from anywhere to everywhere

Seamless X to Y Data Pipeline Creation empowers businesses to effortlessly connect any data source (X) to any destination (Y), whether it's a data store, cloud database, or data warehouse. With DataByte’s intuitive No-code interface, transform data workflows with ease and say goodbye to data source limitations and complex coding. Move and Mold data between any source and destination within minutes ensuring data availability and security at the same time. 

Data Changes always up-to-the-minute: Real-time CDC 

With advanced CDC technology, effortlessly track and replicate data changes as they happen within source systems, providing a dynamic, up-to-the-minute view of data. Whether the need is to stay synchronized with evolving customer records, transactional updates, or inventory changes, our real-time CDC ensures data destination is always in perfect harmony with the data sources. 

Transformed data, where you want it, how you want it: Advanced ETL 

Unlock the full potential of data with DataByte’s advanced ETL capabilities. With intuitive ETL design features, effortlessly create complex data manipulation flows that adapt to unique business needs. Whether the source is single or multiple, clean, enrich, & reshape data on large scale with advanced ETL capabilities. Chain multiple pipelines together to orchestrate data transformations and watch as data goes from raw to refined, giving businesses time-to-market advantage. 

Simplify data integration from all your sources