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Elevate data operations across the board with DataByte’s algorithm suite

DataByte’s suite of advanced algorithms is designed to empower enterprises by providing the tools needed to detect anomalies, extract root cause of anomalies, automate processes, democratize data access, train and deploy ML models all in one comprehensive solution. 

Anomaly detection

Detect anomalies as they appear while processing large scale data  

Proactive troubleshooting

Robust root cause analysis to know the “why” behind the anomalies.

Democratize data with APIs

Allow teams across enterprises to access and leverage data in real-time 

Get a complete ML toolkit

Create, train & deploy ML models, all at one comprehensive space 

Uncover hidden anomalies with DataFink

DataFink employs cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques while processing large-scale data to identify outliers, anomalies, and deviations in data, facilitating in spotting critical issues and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Whether dealing with financial transactions, sensor data, or user behavior, DataFink provides businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.  

Troubleshoot the root cause with Sherlock

Sherlock, DataByte’s robust root cause analysis tool, is a trusted partner in uncovering the why behind anomalies and issues in data. It goes beyond identifying problems and dives deep into the root causes, helping businesses pinpoint the exact source of the issue. With Sherlock's intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, design comprehensive root cause analysis (RCA) flows and troubleshoot with confidence, reducing downtime and optimizing operations. 

Elevate efficiency by scaling automation with ProcBot

Streamline operations and save valuable time with ProcBot. Whether it's deploying scripts across multiple devices, orchestrating complex data workflows, or overseeing network management, ProcBot empowers businesses to automate repetitive tasks efficiently. With ProcBot, scale automation processes effortlessly, ensuring consistency and reliability across the enterprise operations. 

Transform data accessibility with Data-as-APIs: Data Insider

Create APIs on data effortlessly, allowing teams across enterprises to access and leverage data in real-time. Data Insider simplifies the process of creating APIs on data. Within minutes, turn datasets into accessible and usable APIs, eliminating data silos. Whether it's integrating data into applications, generating reports, or enabling self-service analytics, Data Insider empowers teams to access and leverage data effectively, driving innovation, collaboration, and informed decision-making across enterprise. 

Innovate faster with our end-to-end ML platform

Unleash Innovation with DataByte's Complete Machine Learning Toolkit. DataByte's Algorithm Suite offers a comprehensive Machine Learning Toolkit that empowers customers to create customized machine learning models tailored to specific needs, provides a robust training environment that allows customers to fine-tune models with extensive datasets, and once the ML models are ready, seamlessly deploy them into production environments. Streamline ML workflow from model development to deployment, reducing the time and effort required to implement ML solutions. 

See the algorithm suit in action